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Trance Shuffle #1: Session 4, Repeat after Me by Mistress Seductra


Often before settling to listen to hypnotic media I will have a firm idea of whose voice I would like to guide me into trance, and/or what type of session I wish to experience.  Occasionally however I am more indeterminate and thus, surrender my mind and submit my will to shuffle.  Perchance I might end up being taken on a ravishing erotic adventure, or I may lay myself open to the most barbarous of financial domination seductions.  Perhaps I’ll fall helpless into the ambuscade of a particularly bewitching Hypnodomme entrapment, or find myself the mark of the most merciless of mind manipulations.  Depending on your opinion of D/s hypnosis and its potential pitfalls vs. possible pleasures, it is either a little reckless or a harmless yet stirring sweepstake.  I rather prefer the latter.

               Of Mistress Seductra…

Mistress Seductra is perhaps one of the most controversial online vendors in Femdomme/erotic hypnosis.  Her sessions build into a programme of the most blatant Femdomme brainwashing media available.  The use of speech software throughout Her recordings (I’ve heard suggestion that She uses Her own voice in later sessions, but I went as deep as the 13th without hearing it as the main vocal), leaves many questions, as does the lack of any significant profile.  And then there is the connection between Seductra and the almost equally enigmatic Mistress Nerezza.  It’s all very dark.  When on occasion I suspend fantasy and question opening my mind to so many, I might ask, do I really want to yield my mind to such an enigma?  Because the thought is obviously there; there may well be no Mistress Seductra at all.  And my answer is this.  Of all the Women I trust so often with my mind, I know none.  I have little understanding, or communications beyond ‘thank You’ and compliments with any hypnotist, and only know what appears on a seller’s profile.  In this respect, Seductra is as real as any; so I trust all or I trust none.   

I discovered Mistress Seductra early in my hypnotic journeys and jumped eagerly into the enticing possibilities of Her brainwashing programme.  It seemed to offer everything I was looking for at the time, Feminine mind control, a structured daily regime with a path clearly marked, and even a little (very little), communication with a dominant hypnotist.  I gave myself 100% to Her sessions and in return I experienced deep feelings of submission, addiction, and mental visvicis.  The two free sessions at the beginning of the programme serve as bait and trap, within a week I found a desperate need for more.  After a few months as I reached the later sessions I found the program began to run out of steam and began to look for something of more substance.  It has been a while since I last settled down to experience a Mistress Seductra brainwashing session.  After listening to so many different voices and styles, I am intrigued to see whether a Seductra session can still affect as it once did.

               The session…

Instantly upon hearing the familiar opening gothic chimes an unavoidable smile rolls across my lips as my mind immediately reacts, sinking me into a relaxed state.  I am well-acquainted with what is to come, the induction Seductra uses, or variants of it, are used throughout her recordings, and justifiably so.  I often balk at the lazy use of inductions in hypnosis fantasy/seduction, but in brainwashing/mind control conditioning is fundamental.  I soon discover I am still very much conditioned to Seductra’s approach, as my mind begins to react in much the same way as it did so long ago.  Starting with a bottom to top full body relaxation, incorporating a brief breathing exercise and numerous deepener suggestions, it proves to be efficiently effective, and it seems bedded in me.  Occasionally there are small explosions in the background, or from just one headphone, like bursts of static.  These ‘bursts’ seem to produce a most extreme reaction in me, almost knocking me down into trance each time.  The pace of the induction is superb, there is a definite rhythm, and it is devilishly easy to align to.

For all that is said about the use voice software, there is a certain charm about Seductra’s synthesized voice.  Almost like being seduced by your Sat Nav, or enraptured by an elevator, the strange emphasis put on out of place syllables gives it an air of a 60’s sci-fi flick.  However, there is definitely something of Emma Peel about the accent, and perhaps it is the conditioning, but I feel a connection with the voice, almost an affection.  The trance itself is not especially deep and it certainly lacks the energy and beauty of many trances I have been experiencing recently, but it is functional, it takes me down as far as is needed and no more.

The meat of the session is the relentless barrage of repeat after me commands, statement upon statement of submissions and surrenders, it is brainwashing prime.  ‘Repeat after me sessions’ are always fun and engaging for the subject, and this session is a superb example.  It is perhaps the most palpable of manipulations, the physical act of obedience deepening the submission.  When dissected, the script is actually rather fantastic, everything a hapless drone could ever dream of.   Once more I found the lines between fantasy and reality are quickly blurred with Seductra, and an intense need and desire to follow Her path is soon rekindled with a vengeance.

Every Seductra session ends with the physical conditioning of masturbation commands to further exert control and addiction from Her audience.  In all honesty, I find writing or discussing masturbation extremely uncomfortable and base.  I may be ever so slightly repressed in this respect, but even so, I have to note that masturbating daily to Her command played a massive part in the sense of overwhelming addiction.

Even after all this time Seductra’s session took me easily into a trance and once more I was to find myself mindlessly repeating, helpless against Her manipulation.  This is defiantly not everyone’s cup of tea, this is brainwashing hypnosis and as such for those wishing to avoid the long term effects, long placed triggers and suggestions should steer clear.  The truth is, in some respects I am delighted that Seductra’s sessions prove to still have a hold on me, but in others I am ever so slightly perturbed.  Will I forevermore be susceptible to Sat Navs, elevators and automated train announcements?


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