As evening settles upon working day done, I sink languidly into recline, and ponder once more why I can’t resist Her nightly call?

Toiled and wearied, yet fortified of disposition for this one last journey of my day. The only sound breaking my solitude are the fervid chirps of birds from the spring blossomed gardens below, carried into my window upon a cool evening breeze. And with anticipation bordering upon impatience, I muffle all intrusion with headphone. Lying prone, poised, naked of limb and torso, I breathe… Just breathe.

…stillness… two deep breaths… press play.

It is in Her voice, that sensually narcotic voice, which so oft have chained me in seduction, fettered me in allure, bound me in whispers, that I now search for my truth. And as her felicity gradually envelopes me, all gravity tumbles away, and my very breath trembles as I am submerged, oh so swiftly into bliss of trance. And where else but hypnotic trance, that saccharin realm, that world within a world, that endless dream, that seemingly boundless prairie whose only limitations are those of my own imagination. Where else would I find my true self but in that tranquil current in which Her honeyed whispers glide, carrying me forth upon a gentle stream into moonlit pools of bliss and rapture.

Soon, always too, too soon, She awakens me. Ravaged, ravished, and revelling in Her whispers caress. But for my palpitating breath I lay immotile, as wave upon wave of haze courses over me, and all my thoughts are of Her.

And as I lie in muse, the only sound breaking my solitude are the fervid chirps of birds from the spring blossomed gardens, carried into my window on a cool evening breeze… And it is here I find my truth. I can’t resist Her call because just like the birds returning to the spring blossomed gardens year upon year, it is my very nature. It is my inescapable fate, something born within, ever to be beyond my control or understanding.

…it just is… and I just am… and ever will be… Hers.



Deep Red and Ivy

Existing somewhere in the hinterlands between hypnotic role-play and femdom erotica, Mistress B gives a startlingly seductive portrayal of the comic book femme fatale Poison Ivy in ‘I Am Poison’.  I have really enjoyed my experience with this video clip.  The whole production is superb, far beyond most femdom media, from the provocative script, sharp uses of video and audio effects, to the intoxicating performance of Mistress B herself.  ‘I Am Poison’ is a tour de force of seduction which swept me off my feet and down to my knees.

As Poison Ivy, Mistress B is visually breath-taking. From her make-up, hair, and dress, the deep green and rich red clash and concord equally to mesmerizing effect. The sensual crimson of her satin lips appear brushed with lust and took much of my focus. But it is her eyes that I craved the most. I could do little more then to stare meekly, captivated and bewitched throughout.  From the first moment my eyes met Hers I ceased to be as I was before.  I have fallen for beauty a thousand times… but rarely as swiftly, powerfully, or intensely as I did here to Poison Ivy.

Throughout Mistress B’s voice is filthy gorgeous.  She purrs, and it physically reverberated through me.  Her voice baits, and my whole body felt as if it were stretching and straining for her next word.  Whilst there is nothing intricate or cloudy in the script, She delivers it with a charismatic eloquence that beguiles.

As visually striking as her portrayal of Poison Ivy is, and as well placed and used as the effects are, for me it was Mistress B’s performance that elevated this video beyond the ordinary. She breathed life into fantasy, and her delivery brimmed and frothed with persuasive charm from beginning to end. She played on my desires and cravings throughout, making me feel terribly, wonderfully vulnerable; it was enlivening.

Upon waking next morning my first thoughts were of this seductress, siren, and femme fatale.  All throughout my day my world was filled with deep red and ivy.  Her eyes hold me prisoner, and I find I am lost to her influence still.

Thank you Mistress B.


Tranquillity at its core: ‘Cotton Brain’ by Lady Radiance…

It was Rembrandt who said ‘Without atmosphere a painting is nothing’; the same could well be said for an erotic hypnosis recording. Many hypnotists will often employ various audio effects, background music, and layered vocals to help create a relaxing atmosphere conducive to abstraction. It is in the idiosyncrasies of these ‘created climates’ that a hypnotist’s distinctive style often blossoms. The atmosphere of a recording is the fog that separates the mind from reality; it can also be the oxygen of a successful trance experience.

In ‘Cotton Brain’, Lady Radiance has created a superbly seraphic atmosphere that held me blissfully immersed from beginning to end. The subliminal track danced beautifully with her ataractic choice of background music, and Lady Radiance’s own vocal performance was pitched perfectly throughout; it all combined to create a very ethereal experience. I quickly found myself adrift on a stream of tranquility, engrossed as much as anything by her impeccably paced delivery.

That sense of gently drifting accompanied me throughout the session and was immensely enjoyable. There wasn’t any real sense of journey however, no drops, no thrills, no adventure, I really did just drift along throughout, and yet somehow it still felt like a textured trance experience.

I did find a few of the concepts in her writing fell a little off centre, a confusion technique never quite engaged, and the final third of the session is aimed squarely at her more devoted followers, but there was certainly nothing that took me out of the moment. What you always get with a Lady Radiance session is creative writing, and I feel there is enough finesse in this session’s script to make it an enjoyable experience for the hypnosis and trance tourists like myself; whilst also there is plenty for the hypnosub to froth over.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with ‘Cotton Brain’ and it will no doubt hold a place in my playlist for a long time to come. It is a massage for the mind that has tranquility at its very core, and the buzz I was left with upon its conclusion was really quite wonderful.

Thank You Lady Radiance.



The ‘H’ word…

When I first began to explore erotic hypnosis online, going beyond google search and into fetish sites like Niteflirt, Clipvia, Clip4Sale and KinkBomb, I was surprised to discover just what sold under the banner of ‘erotic hypnosis’.  To me erotic hypnosis had always been synonymous with trance; no trance = not hypnosis.  Yet there were so many audio and video clips that featured no induction, no deepeners, no recognized inducement techniques, and no skill.  Over the years my definition of erotic hypnosis has softened to include anything that may suspend my reality with a sexual flavour; I’ve seen people on Warp My Mind use the phrase ‘vivid reality’, which is good.  But I also like to make distinction between what is erotic hypnosis and what is hypno-themed erotica. Whatever terms or definitions one prefers however is actually rather moot since sites like C4S and KB are steered away from using the ‘H’ word by their credit-card processors.  So when not looking for a deep, affecting trance experience, but still looking for hypnotic-themed fun, I find I have to look for terms like mesmerize, mind f**k, and mind manipulation etc.


One of my favourite femdom clip girls is Princess Rene.  She is gorgeous, bratty, bright, and perhaps most importantly, She makes fetish fun.  Her mindf**k clips are few and far between however, but I was to enjoy two recent addictions very much.  ‘H-y-p-n-o-Ass’ is on the surface what you would expect from the title; femdom porn.  A sexy girl waving Her ass at the screen whilst repeating femdom suggestions and jerk off encouragement in a knee-weakening come-hither voice.  But there is so much more to this clip then just a hypno-themed joi.  The mesmeric vocal effects and video production are equal to the very best erotic hypnosis producers.  There is a narcotic rhythm to Her vocals and subtle poetry in Her simple mantra-like script that drew me deep into ‘vivid reality’.  Like most good hypnosis media this really has to be listened to through headphones to appreciate its full lascivious effect.  When it was over I felt pliable, dazed, and submissive.  If truth be told I only ever watch this clip when I am intoxicated, but even sober, I’ve never yet felt in a fit state to operate heavy machinery after watching a Princess Rene clip.

Repeat after Princess’ is much more my usual mind-manipulation fare.  A very simple idea, just stare into Rene’s beautiful brown eyes and repeat every word She says.  This is brainwashing at its most basic, no audio or camera effects, and no out-of-the-book hypnosis techniques, just a deliciously deviant script containing themes of love, addiction, financial domination, and BDSM slavery.  This doesn’t induce trance, or abstraction, or an altered reality, and yet as soon as it begins I cannot look away.  Rene’s radiant eyes hold me transfixed, becalmed, and compliant.  But what I enjoy most is that it affects my disposition.  I smile.  I cannot help but smile.  I feel affection, light-hearted, and wholly at ease.  If in the future I am asked to imagine my happy place, it will be in the eyes of Princess Rene.


A Niteflirt femdom hypnotist I have enjoyed relaxing to recently is the soft-whispering voice of Robyn Allure.  She has an ever growing collection of recordings all performed with a soothing tone and a sensual purr that offers a gentle intimacy.  They are however somewhat the classic example of Phone-Domme hypnosis clips.  For Her regulars and devotees they offer the perfect bridge between phone sessions, no doubt deepening both attraction and connection. For the hypnosis tourists like myself, they offer pleasant, arousing relaxations.  But despite being advertised as hypnosis they are never going to induce any satisfying trance or abstraction.  The scripting is very, very basic and the induction techniques are all but none existent. But then should one really be buying sub-10 minute audios from NF expecting anything beyond these soft femdom-themed reposes?  Well, yes actually.  There are some incredible HypnoDommes who have created sub 10min audio-loops that have had my head spinning in all sorts of directions.  But there is a world of difference between a Hypno-Domme and a phone sex operator doing hypnosis.


Another Phone Domme on NF whose recordings I enjoy is Miss Lexie (aka Sorority Brat).  Described as mind-control fantasies, Lexie’s recordings deliver a unique style and voice.  Her femdom-themes are lewd and libidinous, whilst the roller-coaster pacing of Her recordings I have found often exhilarating.  She can go from 0-60 in a sentence, and back again the next.  In truth, the first time I heard Her voice it grated somewhat, and I suspect it is a voice people either love or hate.  Her high-pitch shrill that frequents can occasionally be discordant, but then, I have also found it to be intoxicating when fully engaged in Her fantasy.  There are occasional issues with Her phone alerts going off and other background noises, but it is only mildly distracting.  I adore Her sassy, bratty persona and enjoy the sense of helplessness and manipulation Her performances stir within me.  Like Her fantasy, I do find Her erotic hypnosis recordings arousing, but whispering ‘breathe in… breathe out…’ every few sentences is not hypnosis.  The femdom theme is delicious, the hypnosis is atrocious. It is in Her fantasy recordings that She excels.  And whilst Her vocals can still grate on occasion, when she is in full swing, steaming towards Her unstoppable, fervid crescendo… She is electric.


‘Aching Love’ by Hypnotic Haylee

One ought to hold on to one’s heart; for if one lets it go, one soon loses control of the head too.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

When recently I purchased Hypnotic Haylee’s enticingly named ‘Aching Love’ recording, I noticed just how full my hypnotic library was of ‘love/addiction’ themed sessions.  In truth, I’ve never fully trusted my emotions, the closer I seem to get to the naked flesh of my feelings the more troublesome and labyrinthine they appear to become.  For example, since adulthood I cannot recall ever crying because I was sad, but I can remember crying on occasion because something was far more beautiful than I expected it to be.  Perhaps the reason for my obsession with the ‘love/addiction‘ session can be found with my first experiences in BDSM.  When I first went to visit a pro-Dominatrix it was all about the fulfillment of sexual fantasy.  My return visits however were little about that fantasy, or the fulfilling of some deeply suppressed need for submission.  It was all about feeling… whether pain, fear, restriction, torment, humiliation, I just needed to feel.

I settled down with Haylee’s ‘Aching Love’ with many preconceptions, and more pre-expectations.  This was because ever since Her stunning ‘Commit to Submit’, every Haylee session has seemed to get stronger, more polished, and more affecting then the last.  Perhaps this is because I am becoming more susceptible and conditioned to Her voice, but I feel there is a truth beyond this.  Her performances seem to be more assured, and more adroit, whilst Her scripts feel more assertive, which in turn has made my eventual submission to Her voice and words feel that much more vigorous and inevitable.  

The induction I found to be to be conventional in style, thus it’s familiarity making it comfortable and easy to respond to.  It includes an elegantly handled breathing exercise which I enjoyed, and later, a stunningly delivered countdown, superbly paced and performed with such devilish seduction the like of which only Haylee’s voice can deliver.  I was less enthused with the choice of background music which reminded me a little of elevator ‘musac’, but thankfully I was soon too absorbed in Haylee’s voice to notice it at all.

Towards the end of the countdown I felt a full loss of control, which I have found is actually a less common sensation in Femdom led hypnosis then one might think.  Usually one maintains a hint of self-jurisdiction during trance, but occasionally a hypnotist will produce something in a recording so stimulating that She effectively hides all the lifeboats.  Haylee’s manipulation of my arousal was deviously delicious, and Her fusillade of compelling suggestions and affirmations meant at times I felt wholly at Her mercy.  Not for the first time I was perhaps a little thankful that this persona is a little less mischievous then that of Empress Vox Siren. 

The intense emotional reaction I experienced during and after this session was reminiscent of some of the finest Financial Domination Mindf**k sessions I have yet enjoyed.  That same intensity leads me to wonder who this session is for, because as Haylee Herself wrote in the description, “This is not fantasy”, and my kindled emotions feel very real indeed. For Her ‘slaves’ and devoted this will be hypnotic nectar, and will only serve to deepen their connection and commitment.  For me as a hypnosis/trance fan it was/is astonishingly addicting.  I am also well used now to awakening from a Hypnotic Haylee session with the intense desire to do something, anything to please Haylee; and as a brainwashing fan it is a manipulation I adore.

This isn’t just a popcorn session I can walk away from; it has stayed with me, not as the escape I intended, but whispering to me in my every day.  I love the fact that this recording has affected me so very deeply.  This session perfectly personifies my obsession with the ‘love/addiction’ session… it has made me lose control of my head; and for that, and for making me feel something… Thank You Haylee.


Trance Shuffle #4: Five nights…

5 Nights, 5 recordings, 5 reactions…


1st night – Numbers game by Lady Lana.

So much in erotic hypnosis is homogeneous and generic, but as with any craft there are the few that go their own way and stand out because of it.  Lady Lana’s style and often originative approach to erotic hypnosis media is admirable.   As a hypnosis enthusiast I enjoy that Lana records separate inductions for Her sessions.  This approach is not unique, (Mira Stern and Elena of eSuccubus to name but two), but for the Trancer it offers a wonderful opportunity to experience the same recording different ways.  Every induced trance has its own qualities, personality and flavour, and much of this is dependent on the style of its induction; and of course the listeners often individual reactions to it.  For me happily I have so far found that I can’t go wrong no matter which of Lady Lana’s inductions I choose, because it’s all ice-cream.

I have found that whilst often intoxicating, Lady Lana’s somewhat insouciant delivery style occasionally requires a hard focus to fully appreciate Her narrative.  But once attuned to a Lady Lana session, I have enjoyed trance experiences of such pathos and intensity that they have sent shivers down my spine.

The Numbers game induction is a short, bustling inducement that never occupies ones full attention.  There is little build-up or foundation, and it feels very much like jumping onto a moving vehicle.  Within moments of the seemingly arbitrary numerical narrative, my mind began to wander; bumbling off on tangents and ideas stirred up by analytical confusion.  This recording works far more on creating ambience rather than directly on the subject; at times it felt almost voyeuristic.  Yet, as it ends almost as abruptly as it began, there is the briefest moment of silence in which suddenly I realize that I am under.  I have no recollection of how, when or where, but just that I am.  There was no fall, no slide, no perceptible breaking of the surface… I was just adrift; and it has affected me in the same way every time I listen.  What I enjoyed most about this induction was my reaction to it.


2nd night – Cloud 9 by Isabella Valentine.

I have often experimented with hypnotic inductions and music to try to simulate the lucid dream effect.  This usually involves a sweeping orchestral piece to which I can soar over familiar landscapes, gliding and drifting in exhilaration.  If ever there was a recording that should appeal to me as a hypnosis enthusiast, then this is it.  “Relaxing full-body… levitation… floating, falling, freely in the sky”, the intentions of this recording is a trance fans dream.

I found the induction to be a wonderfully serene and relaxing experience.  From Her choice of background music, audio effects, pacing, and of course vocals, Isabella has created an impressively easy induction to fall into.  The ball of light visualization was especially gratifying, and I found a welcome hint of spirituality reminiscent of my favourites of Isabella recordings, The Satori Sutra, and the extraordinary Rising Fall.  Soothed and sedated, I was soon to drift placidly into a light trance.

The core of the recording was a succession of suggestions to raise you up and up in a weightless levitation, before falling and rising again to Isabella’s commands.  Unfortunately what initially began as a pleasantly effective inducement to drift up gradually turned to a barrage of commands delivered in an increasingly excitably shrill pitch and tone, which became more and more uncomfortable to listen to as the pace of the session increased.  But the end I found the franticly delivered onslaught of “rise, rise, rise, fall, fall, fall, fall” a little more than unpleasant, whilst the arousal suggestions seemed strangely disconnected from the overall narrative.

This session is full of nice ideas and concepts, and I am left feeling that there was the potential for a great hypnosis experience that somehow got lost in the making.  If ever there was a session I wanted to love, it was this, but alas…


3rd night – Bondage Beat by Ember.

I’ve never paid too much attention to the intricacies of the use of binaural beats in hypnosis recordings beyond the knowledge that when they are used well, they can really accentuate the trance experience.  I was intrigued by the thought of a binaural beats stand-alone session, although my previous experience of such sessions on YouTube left me a little unconvinced as to its value as entertainment.  What I was initially more dubious about however was that Ember had given the session a theme despite that there is no narration to provide context.  In retrospect, upon hearing Shostakovich’s ‘Leningrad’ symphony for the first time, at no point did I need question its theme or context because it is all there within the music.  And as I was soon to discover, like Shostakovich’s masterpiece, Bondage Beat’s theme and context are all there within.

I have a history with bondage themed hypnosis recordings – A week in hypnotic bondage, and having explored bondage at the hands of a number of Dominatrix it has always been a holy grail of mine to discover if some of those same sensations that I enjoyed so much in real life, could be felt again through erotic hypnosis. 

As I settled into the recording the first thing that struck me was that I had nothing to focus upon; no voice, no music, no effects beyond the monotone beat.  So my thoughts naturally began to wander.  I can’t recall much of what, or where, only that it felt a little more engrossing than usual.  In fact based solely on my jolt back to awareness, it felt far closer to a full dream then daydream.  Once jolted and aware of my surroundings once again, I recall feeling the first sensations of not physically being able to move.  It didn’t feel like paralysis as such because I was conscious that once I opened my eyes the glamour would be easily broken.  It felt a little like being tied to a bedpost by a playful girlfriend; they always leave just enough room so I could wriggle out. 

After drifting into thought a few more times I began to notice a pronounced numbness in my jaw, and then I began to enjoy sporadic trance drops and a definite sense of restriction.  Pretty soon I was experiencing plenty of physical effects that I was able to focus upon.  From tingles, to weighted limbs, skull vibrations, trance drops and drifts, and of course, complete restriction of movement… and that’s just what I can easily recall.  When the session came to its eventually end, I stared blankly at the ceiling for a good five minutes, feeling like I had been ravished.  I was buzzing… and craving hypnosis.


4th night – Deep by Lady Radiance.

This session is touted as a knock-out file for the hypno-fan, the title itself giving away its intention, and I settled down to the promise of an adventure into trance.  The recording opened elegantly, creating a somniferous climate, the Lady’s vocals sitting well with the background.  It was all very reminiscent of Her superb ‘Dark Goddess’ recording in which I remember fondly for the super smooth induction, beautiful sense of stillness and tranquillity throughout, and Her enthralling performance of an engaging script.  Unfortunately after the opening few minutes all similarities between this and that quickly disappeared.  I was to find none of the charm here that I found in ‘Dark Goddess’.

The main reason I failed to connect with this was the script.  It seemed to be a real hotchpotch of some really nicely written inducements, over-written concepts and conceits, and full of flimsily arrogant assertions.  Unnecessary non-Chaucerian swearing also stood out, being so rarely heard during inductions, and for good reason.  Making assertions in an hypnosis session like referring to a time-skip that wasn’t, and suggesting at seduction and sensuality that isn’t, becomes an issue when the heart of your induction is repeating ‘I am hypnotizing you’, over and over again.   It quickly loses credibility and the induction falls flat.  The other reason was the awful tempo-less piano music, which was excruciating, like a child’s first recital.

Overall it’s fair, fine, okay.  The narration is good throughout, the script is mostly fluid and poetic in places, and the music is … well just bad.  It had the feel of just another recording off a production line; there was no spark, sparkle, excitement beyond the occasional clever line, and I felt nothing.  Perhaps the problem was that when one fails to connect with a session, things that might appear as little hillocks someplace else suddenly stand out like mountains, and for me they made this recording insurmountable. 


5th night – The Passenger by Mira Stern.

The gratification I find from erotic hypnosis recordings is many faceted.  Chiefly it springs from the trance itself; sensations, perceptions of depth, physical vibrations, etc.  The erotic stimulation, either triggered by word or feminine voice, and the connections built with the hypnotizer Herself, whether by affection, worship, subservience, or desire. Then there are the emotions a hypnotist can kindle within and of course the act of consciously giving up control to another.  Also there is the literary beauty that can sometimes be found within the hypnotic script itself.  I have written before how I find Mira Stern’s use of language and idiom remarkable, and I would happily sit and read many of Her scripts in metrical form.

Throughout The Passenger, the pace of Mira’s delivery is superb.  Just shy of conversation, yet nimble enough to keep me fully engaged, whilst giving a breath between each sentence in which the listener can consider Her every tenor.  The writing is beautifully composed, poetic, fluid and animated by nuance.  Every sentence has substance and is connected to the next, and She never feels the need to dumb down, or speak down to the subject. 

The road induction is a wonderfully easy and effective visualization, because it is far easier for the listener to visualize from memory then from imagination.  Many will have far more experience of being a passenger in a car at night, rather than finding oneself on a deserted beech on a sunny day, or at a tropical waterfall on an island hideaway.  I found little eroticism, no salacious allure, lascivious performance, or grand enacts of surrender.  What I found was a seduction by eloquence. 

But what I also found with this session is that it has an interesting effect where it seems to maintain it’s hold the further away I get.  What I mean to say is, as enigmatic and impressive as it is at the time, when I awake the next morning I am still thinking about it.  The Images, sensations, sounds and ideas I experienced whilst under it’s influence sat with me for days afterwards,  I have tried to temper my enthusiasm for this session but at the end of a long vanilla week, it is like finding a bottle of ice-cold Babysham in the middle of a dessert.



Links: Lady Lana, Isabella Valentine, Ember, Lady Radiance, Mira Stern

Desert Island Videos…

In January 2012 I wrote a blog post to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the radio show Desert Island Discs.  On the show, a guest is invited to imagine themselves cast away on a desert island, and chooses eight pieces of music to take with them.  In a rather self-indulgent homage, I listed the eight hypnosis/trance recordings I would take.  Whilst that original list will have certainly changed over the last 20 months, I decided to take a look at my favourite hypnotic videos.  It is important to note I do not claim that these are the best, most effective, or impressive, but that they have all captivated me, or affected me beyond the sessions.  So in homage again, here (in no particular order), are the eight hypnosis/trance/brainwashing videos I would take on a wind-up/solar powered mp4 player, and my reasons for their choice.


9 Buck MindF**k by Goddess of Hypnosis

9buck 1

This was perhaps the easiest of my choices.  The first time I watched this I was staggered by my reaction to it. The trance itself was dynamic and physically felt, but it was the sense of submission I experienced that was overwhelming.  At its heart it is very simple, from Her monotone delivery to a script full of NLP affirmations and creative thought manipulations.  There is something genuinely mesmerizing about Her stare, and whilst initially the pink dress and bright blue backdrop add an almost garish cartoon quality to the visuals, the later spiral effects prove to be stunningly effective.  The early induction can feel a little laboured but then it gets astonishing.  It just feels so powerful.  And the fact is, every time I watch this video She has me, bewitched, entranced, like the literal puppet on a string… and after all this time the effect has never lessoned.  But for me, the initial few hours after I have watched this video are the very definition of Mindf**k.


Lycia’s Control (The Video) by Goddess Lycia


This was the first Femdom hypnosis video I ever purchased and whilst I can’t find an up-to-date link, I still rank it amongst the best I’ve watched.  The quality of the video itself is very poor and far removed from the HD spectacles we expect today, but like watching a grainy old black and white classic movie, it really does not matter, because Lycia’s performance here is sensational.  From Her opening ‘Hello Sweetie’, to Her final ‘bye, bye’, every sentence spoken feels like a provocation.  Her vocals throughout are vibrant, rich, and full of charisma, and the pace and fluidity of Her patter is remarkable.  I cannot recall another’s performance that I have seen in an erotic hypnosis video to match.  Add to this the sense of fun Her enthusiasm brings; I feel a lot of affection for this video.


Intoxicated staring Mercedes by KismetVideo


If ever there was a hypnotist that I wanted to melt helplessly into trance to, it is Mercedes.  A lot of my choices here are born from an eye fixation, and Mercedes piercing blue eyes hold me medusa like.  Her grace of movement in finger snapping and arm waving is an enchantment in itself, and my heart skips to Her every warm smile.  But it is THAT voice!  Filthy gorgeous, sultry, smoky, and commanding a subtle domination over my lust.  I had a choice between this and ‘Weaken’ staring Katja, which may be the better Kismet session with stronger induction and script.  But as I said, if ever there was a Woman I wanted to be hypnotised by…


My Mind Control by Lady Octavia Blue


Now this video contains many elements I usually despair of when watching a Clip-girl doing brainwashing or hypnosis; far too short to be effective, no understanding of inductions, and a really pointless countdown… yet how has It has made my list?  Answer, Her eyes.  As soon as I look into her eyes that is it, I am trapped, I am Her’s, and I am not going anywhere for the next 5 minutes.  It is all too easy to get lost in Her big round manga eyes, and her voice is a lovely low seductive purr.  The script is a deliciously sexy addiction fantasy.  This might not be good hypnosis technically, and once its over I don’t give it much of a second thought, but when She says ‘you can’t break free from my spell, you don’t want too’ – it sums up perfectly why I adore this clip.  I mean, the 50 odd times I’ve watched this clip I could have broken free, I just didn’t want too, but I could have, really, I could have…. Couldn’t I?


Escape Spell by Princess Estelle


Intimacy.  This is a pretty Lady staring me straight in the eye and telling me ‘you need me, you want to please me’, and each and every time the whole world falls away and it is just Estelle and I, and it feels really special. The emotion and affection she can muster within me with Her every word is wonderful.  This is a seduction, a manipulation, and exploitation… and it is fantastically effective. Her camera quality is poor, the clips are simple with little depth beyond financial domination, and there is little for the trance addict in me; yet once She begins to talk and I look into Her startlingly bewitching eyes, I am too swiftly captured, enrapt, and helpless to Her manipulation. 


Eye Fixation Hypnosis by Hypnotic Haylee


Of Haylee’s three videos thus far, this is the one I found affected me the most.  Whilst Her voice is so very enticing and stimulating, Her video style is remarkably understated.  It is refreshing to find a hypnosis video that can be so effective without needing to employ camera tricks, spirals, edits etc.  I have always enjoyed Hypnotic Haylee’s audio recordings and would struggle to recall a session that had not left me feeling either hypnotically or seductively fulfilled… this video is no exception.  Her halcyon tone and poise in speech gives Her a commanding quality that expects supplication.  Once awoken from mesmer, I find I am immediately hungry for more.  In fact, I have on occasion found myself watching all three of Haylee’s videos back-to-back.


Come to Me – The Love Spell by Mistress Zaida


In terms of style, there are two distinct approach’s taken to the hypnotic induction.  There is the relaxation approach, where through whispers, quiet concentration, coaxing rumination, and softly spoken suggestion, one is lulled into relaxation until slipping gently beneath the surface. And then there is the abstraction approach, where through spellbinding mesmerisation, captivation and enthrallment, bewitchment and beguilement, invigoration and enlivenment, one is compelled into abstraction until dropping swiftly beneath the surface.  For me, Mistress Zaida excels the latter, and the love spell is the paragon of Her approach.  High on production, ideas, creativity, and splendour, it induces an exciting and heart-pounding trance; it is a stimulating visual feast.  Zaida’s voice is breathy, sultry and authoritative, and there are plenty of deepeners throughout that kept me weighted in the vibrant trance.  And when I awake, I am wide-eyed, buzzing, and totally in love with Mistress Zaida.


Inductions starring Mikayla Kate by Mistress Candice & KismetVideo


My final choice given my penchant for quality hypnotic inductions is a real treat for the hypnosis/trance enthusiast in me.  This is essentially two separate inductions bolted onto one another to create one incredibly strong trance inducement.  Originally the inductions for the ‘Panties 101’ and ‘Sissy Maid’ videos, all elements of the feminization themes have been removed.  Superbly edited, one induction flows into the next pretty seamlessly, and comes with KismetVideo usual high production.  The very attractive lab coated hypnotist has an alluring voice, and combined with Her prepossessing brown eyes, spirals and fluid hand gestures, it creates a special experience which continues to fulfil me. Overall I couldn’t sum this video up any better than Kismetvideo themselves do… “Simply put, Mikayla will hypnotize the holy living $@#&*! out of you!”



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First Impressions of Ember…

Throughout my life I have been told that first impressions are the most important. What I had to learn for myself however, was just how fragile these impressions really are. Upon encountering something new, I have to remind myself to open my eyes wide and try to see everything, for only then might I get to glimpse at what is really important… possibilities.

It is the same when encountering a hypnotist’s recordings for the first time. A voice might instantly charm with its lustful allure or natural magnetism. Or I might find that the clever use of audio effects may undermine my usual discretion, or perhaps I might get caught up in the fantasy and fetish. In truth, each of these is reason enough to fall for any particular recording. But when I really pay attention to what I am experiencing, and listen beyond the flashy facades and trickeries, what do I really hear?

My heroines in erotic hypnosis are those whose writings outshine all the audio effects, music, vocal teases and indeed, the fetish itself. Mira Stern, Katana, Nikki Fatale, Tessa Fields, Charlotte Gray, these Women write beautiful hypnosis sessions. It’s not just that they can lead me to trance with a single clever turn of phrase, or that when listening, I often find myself adrift before I have even realized the induction has begun, but that there is style and substance in their hypnotic writings that I can never quite catch or explain, but it is there. Every word they write feels like it means something, and when I fall to these Women’s words, it is like falling into watercolour.

But back to first impressions, and my introduction to Ember of Spiral Seductions was listening to Her recording ‘The First Surrender’. A short introduction of style and flavour that I remember enjoying first time out, but only upon revisiting did I find myself surprised with the intensity of my subsequent experience. Here I was induced into a most seraphic trance, with a definite sense of depth, full of tingles, warm ripples, and touches of asmr.

I enjoyed Ember’s gorgeously rich tone immensely. Her delivery was smooth and subtly sensual; I found myself drawn in by Her every word, my appetite seeming to grow with every sentence She delivered. How much was due to Her wonderfully paced performance or the sharp and robust quality of Her induction I cannot be sure, but both were stand out elements. The ethereal ambience She created for this session also complimented Her vocals, never once distracting or impeding the attention.

Of the length, 17 minutes might sound a little short, but actually for me it felt just right, because what this session lacks is any padding, rambling or pointless droning of ‘sleep…sleep’ just to achieve length. The writing is bright, sharp, and fluid, especially the induction, which I found absorbing. Of course I am sure that if I tried I could find fault, but that’s just it… I would really have to try. Should one wish to extend the trance experience, rather than just looping, I might suggest following this session with a gentle symphony or sweeping music, (my personal choose here would be Mussorgsky’s ‘Pictures At An Exhibition’), and you might just experience beauty in abstraction like never before.

Overall I found this session intensely enjoyable, not only for the trance achieved, but also for the after-trance haze I was to wallow in all evening. But mostly however, I was to find my first impressions of Ember’s hypnosis to be full of possibilities.

Thank You Ember.



Links: Ember, The First Surrender

Revisiting Michelle River’s The Journey – Control Chip 1.

Sensations – The sun warming my face on a summers morn, the sound of the wind dancing amongst the treetops, the feel of Her soft fingers running through my hair, the taste of strawberry’s sweet tang as it first nips at the tongue, the warm aroma of freshly baked bread, the crisp sound of unbroken snow crunching under-boot, a really tight hug, that quench of fresh cold water to a parched mouth, the crackling of an open log fire at night, Her soft lips as She tenderly kisses my neck, a refreshing rain shower on a hot sticky day, the salty smell of coastal air after too long away, of that smile She smiled just for me, the feel of walking bare foot cross a cool grassy lawn, the nectarous vocals of Michelle Rivers caressing my mind at the end of a day.


The Journey – Control Chip 1 (REMASTERED) by Michelle Rivers

‘…this one I wouldn’t ever want to be without. Originally, it caught me completely off-guard, overwhelming me emotionally, I fell deeply and totally to Her. I had never expected a recording could affect me so, and still continue to do so. Think of that love song you can never let go of, well this is mine.’Desert Island Discs post

The induction is based on a succession of evermore tempting enticements and suggestions. It all began subtly and conversationally, then after a while I began to feel as if I was being reeled in like a fish on a line, slowly and inexorably pulled towards Her net. Eventually the subtly gives way and I could only watch voyeuristically as She slowly stripped away my defences, and I felt as if I could do nothing about it. I felt no perception of pressure or force, but by the time I began to drift, I wanted nothing else in the world; She had become my sole focus of everything. The strength of that compulsion still surprises me and is one of the reasons I return to this session again and again.

Vocally, this is Michelle at her very best. Her delivery is smooth, fluid and utterly disarming. I must profess to a predetermined weakness for Southern American dialects, and when I hear that North Carolina twang, I am instantly charmed. Vocal effects are sparsely used and the background music is elegantly unobtrusive; the softest hint of a piano sonata, which may or may not be there at all. It all sits perfectly to give the recording a faint ethereal ambience where the voice and words are afforded all prominence. This is important because the strength of this recording comes from the potent script and Michelle’s delicious delivery of it. The trance itself felt lively and progressive throughout, never being given the chance to stagnate or abate.

Probably the first contact I had with any Hypno-Domme was when I felt the compelling desire to send the rather singular message to Michelle at the end of this recording. It doesn’t sound like much now, no momentous fealties, devotions, or declarations of deference. But for me at the time it was rather huge. I had stepped over a line and for the first time I was saying to a Woman, I submit. I had never before understood what submission was until I discovered Michelle Rivers. Put simply, this recording is the reason for my obsession with erotic hypnosis.

Thank You Princess,


Links: Michelle Rivers, The Journey – Control Chip 1 (REMASTERED)

I cannot rest…

I cannot rest but for thinking of Her voice…

That narcotic melody which have conducted me in a thousand dreams,

and led me to abstractions of such intensity that all else now seems flavourless.


Those siren enchantments that hint of infinite possibilities,

where darkness and emptiness are but a blank easel for Her imagination;

that realm of the chimera, where up is down, and down is… deep.


It is Her whispers that lead me cross these pin-pricked night skies,

past a million wandering planets and a thousand blazing suns,

Into the everlastingly cosmos where the flame-haired comets caper.


And as She pulls me ever deeper, ever further into rhapsody,

I find the sky I sailed in wonder, has never seemed so dark to me,

as if every star is shamed into shadow by the radiance of Her palate.


And as I drop beyond, and my mind is set to natures slumber,

She stays within me, for I can feel Her influence deep in my mind,

And I cannot rest but for thinking of Her voice…