Present Perfect by Mira Stern.

I have a penchant for the standalone trance induction as I previously posted in ‘Three inductions…, and now I have another favourite to add to that playlist.

Present Perfect by Mira Stern.

There is simplicity, and then there is refinement, and it is here that I found Mira Stern’s ‘Present Perfect’ sitting perfectly presented.  An induction of precision and modesty, subtlety and polish.  There may be little of the opaque word play that I find so characterises Mira’s other sessions in my collection, none of the avant-garde of ‘Lex et Veritas’, or the extravagance of ‘Tabula Rasa’ here, but that does not mean this session is in any way prosaic.  There is charisma in ‘Present Perfect’s’ composition that only Mira Stern can bring, a beauty in its simplex munditiis, and underneath it all there is a definate sense of the romantic; but most of all there is refinement.  Nothing seems wasted, not an imprudent word nor a breath misspent.  To put it simply, this is a very elegant and effective induction.

Ambience is rooted early with a temperate music background from the beginning and barely audible whispers which, when stretched for, spread rumour and expectancy of what is to come.  It is a little over two minutes before the main vocal arrives; as always Mira’s voice is mellifluous as an autumn breeze, yet accented with salience and the undercurrent of a whip.  The restrain of the lead vocal sets the tone for the whole induction.  Nothing is rushed, no compromise given, everything in its own time.  As is usual in a Mira Stern recording, every word is clear and pronounced, easy to follow and a perfect pitch found between the main vocal and background.

The induction process itself is a progressive relaxation. A foundation is set upon the breathing, and atop this is lain multiple layers of deepeners and NLP inspired suggestions.  Resistance seems not to be tolerated, and I soon found myself dropping swiftly at Mira’s insistence.  I found arousal in the exertion of this little pressure, but then again, I usually find the mere anticipation of Mira’s voice is enough to rouse.  Time is easily forgot and feels of little consequence during this session, and yet I found myself surprised at the twenty minutes of playtime, it felt shorter.  More than often that this particular style of induction will lead to a particular style of trance; few fireworks or thrills, but utter delight in smoothness and fluidity.  The statement of intent for this session was to induce a deep trance experience, and for this listener that mission is accomplished on every visit.

My personal choice to follow up this induction might be a sensual hypnotic fantasy to stir the blood, or perhaps just a bolster to a favourite session whos own induction might be lacking.  Musically I might seek to maintain the ambience with Tavener’s Lalishiri cycle, or Chopin’s Nocturnes, although inexplicably I cannot shake the urge for Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker?!  Mostly though, I see this trance induction being set apart as a perfect antidote to a maddening day.

Thank You Domina Stern,


Links: Mira Stern, Present Perfect.

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  1. Thanks for calling my attention to this in your usual gracious way. I really like your descriptions – what’s in this file is pretty much exactly as you describe it. Nice work.

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