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Desert Island Videos…

In January 2012 I wrote a blog post to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the radio show Desert Island Discs.  On the show, a guest is invited to imagine themselves cast away on a desert island, and chooses eight pieces of music to take with them.  In a rather self-indulgent homage, I listed the eight hypnosis/trance recordings I would take.  Whilst that original list will have certainly changed over the last 20 months, I decided to take a look at my favourite hypnotic videos.  It is important to note I do not claim that these are the best, most effective, or impressive, but that they have all captivated me, or affected me beyond the sessions.  So in homage again, here (in no particular order), are the eight hypnosis/trance/brainwashing videos I would take on a wind-up/solar powered mp4 player, and my reasons for their choice.


9 Buck MindF**k by Goddess of Hypnosis

9buck 1

This was perhaps the easiest of my choices.  The first time I watched this I was staggered by my reaction to it. The trance itself was dynamic and physically felt, but it was the sense of submission I experienced that was overwhelming.  At its heart it is very simple, from Her monotone delivery to a script full of NLP affirmations and creative thought manipulations.  There is something genuinely mesmerizing about Her stare, and whilst initially the pink dress and bright blue backdrop add an almost garish cartoon quality to the visuals, the later spiral effects prove to be stunningly effective.  The early induction can feel a little laboured but then it gets astonishing.  It just feels so powerful.  And the fact is, every time I watch this video She has me, bewitched, entranced, like the literal puppet on a string… and after all this time the effect has never lessoned.  But for me, the initial few hours after I have watched this video are the very definition of Mindf**k.


Lycia’s Control (The Video) by Goddess Lycia


This was the first Femdom hypnosis video I ever purchased and whilst I can’t find an up-to-date link, I still rank it amongst the best I’ve watched.  The quality of the video itself is very poor and far removed from the HD spectacles we expect today, but like watching a grainy old black and white classic movie, it really does not matter, because Lycia’s performance here is sensational.  From Her opening ‘Hello Sweetie’, to Her final ‘bye, bye’, every sentence spoken feels like a provocation.  Her vocals throughout are vibrant, rich, and full of charisma, and the pace and fluidity of Her patter is remarkable.  I cannot recall another’s performance that I have seen in an erotic hypnosis video to match.  Add to this the sense of fun Her enthusiasm brings; I feel a lot of affection for this video.


Intoxicated staring Mercedes by KismetVideo


If ever there was a hypnotist that I wanted to melt helplessly into trance to, it is Mercedes.  A lot of my choices here are born from an eye fixation, and Mercedes piercing blue eyes hold me medusa like.  Her grace of movement in finger snapping and arm waving is an enchantment in itself, and my heart skips to Her every warm smile.  But it is THAT voice!  Filthy gorgeous, sultry, smoky, and commanding a subtle domination over my lust.  I had a choice between this and ‘Weaken’ staring Katja, which may be the better Kismet session with stronger induction and script.  But as I said, if ever there was a Woman I wanted to be hypnotised by…


My Mind Control by Lady Octavia Blue


Now this video contains many elements I usually despair of when watching a Clip-girl doing brainwashing or hypnosis; far too short to be effective, no understanding of inductions, and a really pointless countdown… yet how has It has made my list?  Answer, Her eyes.  As soon as I look into her eyes that is it, I am trapped, I am Her’s, and I am not going anywhere for the next 5 minutes.  It is all too easy to get lost in Her big round manga eyes, and her voice is a lovely low seductive purr.  The script is a deliciously sexy addiction fantasy.  This might not be good hypnosis technically, and once its over I don’t give it much of a second thought, but when She says ‘you can’t break free from my spell, you don’t want too’ – it sums up perfectly why I adore this clip.  I mean, the 50 odd times I’ve watched this clip I could have broken free, I just didn’t want too, but I could have, really, I could have…. Couldn’t I?


Escape Spell by Princess Estelle


Intimacy.  This is a pretty Lady staring me straight in the eye and telling me ‘you need me, you want to please me’, and each and every time the whole world falls away and it is just Estelle and I, and it feels really special. The emotion and affection she can muster within me with Her every word is wonderful.  This is a seduction, a manipulation, and exploitation… and it is fantastically effective. Her camera quality is poor, the clips are simple with little depth beyond financial domination, and there is little for the trance addict in me; yet once She begins to talk and I look into Her startlingly bewitching eyes, I am too swiftly captured, enrapt, and helpless to Her manipulation. 


Eye Fixation Hypnosis by Hypnotic Haylee


Of Haylee’s three videos thus far, this is the one I found affected me the most.  Whilst Her voice is so very enticing and stimulating, Her video style is remarkably understated.  It is refreshing to find a hypnosis video that can be so effective without needing to employ camera tricks, spirals, edits etc.  I have always enjoyed Hypnotic Haylee’s audio recordings and would struggle to recall a session that had not left me feeling either hypnotically or seductively fulfilled… this video is no exception.  Her halcyon tone and poise in speech gives Her a commanding quality that expects supplication.  Once awoken from mesmer, I find I am immediately hungry for more.  In fact, I have on occasion found myself watching all three of Haylee’s videos back-to-back.


Come to Me – The Love Spell by Mistress Zaida


In terms of style, there are two distinct approach’s taken to the hypnotic induction.  There is the relaxation approach, where through whispers, quiet concentration, coaxing rumination, and softly spoken suggestion, one is lulled into relaxation until slipping gently beneath the surface. And then there is the abstraction approach, where through spellbinding mesmerisation, captivation and enthrallment, bewitchment and beguilement, invigoration and enlivenment, one is compelled into abstraction until dropping swiftly beneath the surface.  For me, Mistress Zaida excels the latter, and the love spell is the paragon of Her approach.  High on production, ideas, creativity, and splendour, it induces an exciting and heart-pounding trance; it is a stimulating visual feast.  Zaida’s voice is breathy, sultry and authoritative, and there are plenty of deepeners throughout that kept me weighted in the vibrant trance.  And when I awake, I am wide-eyed, buzzing, and totally in love with Mistress Zaida.


Inductions starring Mikayla Kate by Mistress Candice & KismetVideo


My final choice given my penchant for quality hypnotic inductions is a real treat for the hypnosis/trance enthusiast in me.  This is essentially two separate inductions bolted onto one another to create one incredibly strong trance inducement.  Originally the inductions for the ‘Panties 101’ and ‘Sissy Maid’ videos, all elements of the feminization themes have been removed.  Superbly edited, one induction flows into the next pretty seamlessly, and comes with KismetVideo usual high production.  The very attractive lab coated hypnotist has an alluring voice, and combined with Her prepossessing brown eyes, spirals and fluid hand gestures, it creates a special experience which continues to fulfil me. Overall I couldn’t sum this video up any better than Kismetvideo themselves do… “Simply put, Mikayla will hypnotize the holy living $@#&*! out of you!”



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