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A week in hypnotic bondage…

Perhaps the one thing I miss most from Dominatrix led BDSM sessions is the bondage. Bondage itself is a broad church, stretching from the eroticism of bedroom silken scarfed foreplay, the lascivious power exchange of the dungeon role-play, to the sensuality and artistic precision of rope bondage. When I think of the word bondage, my immediate thoughts go to the BDSM role-play variety, being chained to a cross, strapped to a bench, hog-tied in suspension. What I adored most and what I still find most mouth-watering, was the feeling of helplessness, the hapless struggle against the bonds, being at the total mercy of a Woman. Yet at times there was something more to it than that, there was on occasion an overwhelming sensuality in watching the woman bind me with such deliberation and meticulousness that it became an art. There was a spirituality underlying the whole experience, a freedom in constriction, a release for which I’ve yet to find a substitute. One of my most prominent memories is my first experience of rope bondage. A diminutive Russian Mistress, dressed in classic little black dress, nylons and heels, nonchalantly, expertly, and sensually hogtied me. It was the process that was so delicious, the feel of every rope turn on my skin was electric, and the feeling of utter powerlessness and vulnerability when it was through eclipsed any previous experience of strap or chain. There is a misconception about rope bondage in particular, that you have to be submissive to indulge in it. Taken away from the BDSM environment and it becomes something thoroughly sensual, a spiritual experience equally appreciated by Domme and sub alike.

When Domina Stern announced She was working on a rope bondage hypnosis recording, suddenly every memory came flooding back. I recalled other bondage themed sessions I had heard from other Hypnodommes and thus my bondage themed hypnosis week was born.

The first session I chose to listen to was ‘Bound and Milked‘ by Mistress Alexandra of EroticMP3Store. I’ve always enjoyed this Lady’s recordings; most are not hypnosis but are very erotic fantasies and story-telling. Every recording I’ve heard is well produced, lascivious in its performance, and always super sexy, and that’s also what I got from this recording. Using no audio effects or background music I found Mistress Alexandra’s vocals lustful and arousing throughout. The initial induction felt light but was soon followed by a long series of deepeners and the confusion induction is very well played out. It took me a while to relax as Alexandra’s voice is somewhat exciting, and when I did eventually fall to trance I was unable to drop very far at all. But to be fair, this is a classic hypno-fantasy, there is little need for a deep, deep abstraction. I was simmering under the surface, literally at times, and it was a pleasant place to be. This recording is packed full of triggers, suggestions, and the odd physical sensation. The bondage element is centred on being strapped to a wooden x. Whilst I couldn’t get a feel for the constriction, nor the straps, I certainly felt some of the physical sensations Mistress Alexandra’s actions induced. As Alexandra Herself suggested, the inner thigh is rather sensitive. There are more themes to the suggestions then I expected, blankness, addiction, post hypnotic servitude, chastity, denied orgasm are all touched upon, along with the main theme of forced milking. Overall this 26 minute mp3 was another delightful arousing experience from Mistress Alexandra, and whilst it doesn’t quite top my favourite list of Her recordings, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Her sessions to anybody seeking erotic storytelling and fantasy.

My next choice was ‘Lie Still‘ from Mistress Carol‘s Dungeon series. Mistress Carol is building quite a collection of BDSM themed sessions, many cover themes you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. The bondage subject of ‘Lie Still’ is Mummification, not something I have experienced in ‘real-time’ before. I struggled with the induction for this session. I fell asleep on my first few attempts as initially I found it overly long and dull. Mistress Carol has a haltering style and there was little flow to the induction which I toiled to stay with. Once induction overcome however and trance induced I was treated to a smooth deep trance and a wonderfully tactile experience. Mistress Carol recommends that one listens to Her ‘Trip Wire’ session a number of times as a precursor to Her dungeon series and I’m glad I did. The meat of the session is sprinkled with direct and effective deepeners and I really felt the drop to each one, I am sure I benefitted directly from this previous recording. I found Mistress Carol’s voice pleasant and easy to follow throughout but it is in the second half of the recording where She gets the background beats and effects absolutely spot on, my trance was appreciably enhanced by this. Mistress Carol described everything simply and clearly, and suddenly Her haltering style became a benefit rather than a hindrance, offering me time to explore and savour each sensation. For example, the smell of the leather, the feel of Mistress Carol’s fingers digging in to the skin, the numb sensation which followed hard upon. And speaking of hard upon, the intense arousal caused by Her dragging her fingers slowly down my legs was overwhelming. But it was the actual encasement that thrilled me the most. I got a real sense of immobility and restriction, feeling unable to escape as Mistress Carol set about planting Her devious yet delightful triggers. I found this session difficult to start with but it was well worth the perseverance, I envy Mistress Carol’s slaves their journey.

And so next to ‘Takate Kote‘ by Mira Stern. I’m not sure what I expected from this session, rope bondage theme was obvious, but Mira Sterns sessions come with a stamp of sui generis, unprecedented and anomalous, what I get is never what I would expect. I listened to ‘Zazen‘ as a prelude, to which I highly recommend as I was now suitably sedated and conditioned for the start. Part of Mira’s ‘Bushido’ series, it is not a requirement to have listened to the whole, I have missed a few myself, but as Mira Herself put it, “Normally it doesn’t matter as much, but this time I think that would help this rock”. The session itself opened peaceably, I am reclining in trance, abating the blood after the fireworks of Zazen’s end, adrift in the tranquil ambiance that the opening sets. A moment of détente… before a siege begins. A barrage of suggestions, a bombardment of propositions, a cannonade of arousals, and I swift found myself beset, my last resistance being torn strip by strip till I lay naked and defenceless. I felt like I was being pinned to the floor by the meanest girl in school, tweaked and tormented, all the while whimpering, ‘it’s not fair, She jumped me…I wasn’t ready!!’ It was a relentless assault of seductions, and as with everything Mira, there is a literary beauty to it all. This was not the bondage I had anticipated, but it was bondage nonetheless. I was bound to Her every word, grasping impossibly at every syllable, despairing as whole phalanx of prose scampered by just beyond grasp again and again. I was voracious to Her every word. Eventually another pause, a breath, a confounding lull, and then… a gloved hand, a glimpse of rope, and it began. Upon suggestion my arms moved automatically to fold, hand upon hand behind my back. The ritual binding was described in detail, with every twist, truss, and tie felt. At one point all breath in my chest was forcibly expelled as the rope pulled tight. I felt the gloves more than once and shudder even now at their touch. The Constriction was compelling. I felt the rope… I smelt it, I could taste it in the air, and yet… I am left now in sobriety with the supposition that the whole experience was but a metaphor. So prevalent was the love/addiction, so strong, so binding. I feel differently now towards Mira then I did before Takate Kote. I have the strongest desire now to retreat back to the beginning, and experience Bushido step by step and become what Mira wants me to become. But I felt the rope…

My final choice was a session I know very well, ‘Bound‘ by the extraordinary Lady Lana. As this recording does not come with induction of its own, I choose Lana’s ‘Obey Now’ induction, it is a little noisy but I found the theme and tone sat just right for what was to follow. If one listens to a Hypno-Domme often enough, one may find they become conditioned to Her voice, becoming aroused at certain words, falling deep to certain phases, they may feel need to submit to every order. With Lady Lana this did not apply for me, I felt it from the instant I first heard Her sumptuous voice. There is no voice like Lady Lana’s, I feel arousal in every syllable, I’m filled with an irrepressible lust, She is my most potent aphrodisiac, and my skin tingles to Her whispers, in and out of trance. Thus my resistance to a regular Lady Lana fix is based purely on the instinct of self preservation. As with many of Lady Lana’s recordings, I get the feeling that She is right there with me in the room, there is an instant connection. She establishes it early in this session, the seduction is overwhelming. She tells you She wants your submission, wants to control you, and wants you to be all Hers. It all adds immensely to the coming submission, and the depths to which you will fall for Her. I soon found myself blindfolded on a satin-sheeted bed, trembling in anticipation as She baits my submission. She tells me to relax… how the bloody hell She expects me to relax whilst lying naked on a bed blindfolded and at the mercy of a Goddess is beyond me. Soon my arms raise involuntarily above my head and metal bracelets click shut, binding them in place. It all feels very, very real. I taste the rubber ball forced into my mouth as if it were. Many of the sensations She describes are vividly felt, others miss, but it is Her nails digging deep into my skin which were the most affecting… sensational at times. I did miss a few of Her words a couple of occasions when the background music overtook the vocals, but in all honesty, I could pick holes here and there but when a session affects me as deeply as this, what the hell does it matter. I wouldn’t change a second of this experience, the feeling of powerlessness, utterly at Her mercy. I am left to wonder just how far She could push me, just how much She could make me feel, just what She could have me believe… I wonder. Screw self preservation, I’m going back for more!


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