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Desert Island Discs

As the radio show Desert Island Discs celebrates its 70th year of broadcasting this weekend, it set me on a train of thought about hypnotic/trance recordings, and not just because I find the idea of the show’s presenter Kirsty Young performing a hypnosis session an appealing, if unlikely prospect.  In the show the guest is invited to imagine themselves cast away on a desert island, and asked to choose eight pieces of music to take with them and discuss the reason for their choices.  So in homage, here (in no particular order), are the eight hypnosis/trance recordings I would take on a wind-up/solar powered mp3 player, and my reasons for their choice.

 ‘Bliss Boost’ by Lady Christine  –  FemDomme Hypnosis.  Some of the deepest, wildest and most intense trance experiences I have enjoyed have been with Lady Christine’s extraordinary ‘Bliss Boost’.  A conditioning session that constantly delivers the deepest of trances, it rewrote my expectations of what can be achieved under trance from a recording.  Lady Christine’s voice is naturally hypnotic, it’s velvety and sensual tone stays with me long after the session has ended; I just need to think of Lady Christine’s voice and I begin to drift.  As well as the mental stimulus, I also regularly experience a range of physical sensations like numbness, prolonged skin tingling, and an acute sense of paralysis.  When I want to be thrilled by trance, to feel trance, to experience trance, then I need only turn to ‘Bliss Boost’.

 ‘Rising Fall’ by Isabella Valentine  –  Erotic Hypnosis.  Ignoring the obvious irony of taking a recording featuring a beach front visualisation, there was no way I could leave this masterpiece behind.  Producing perhaps the most immersive and spiritually uplifting experience I have had in trance.  Isabella’s impressionist composition is rich with evocative dialogue, perfectly performed, and immaculately produced.  Isabella verbally paints a visualisation the way Monet paints a landscape; small visible brush strokes, an emphasis on light, movement, and human emotion.  This may be as close to coffee table book as erotic hypnosis ever gets.  The trance feels vibrant and kinetic; the journey is deeply satisfying.

 ‘Visualization Induction’ by Madeira Darling  –  Hypnosis Induction.  A classic approach to the induction with no effects or background music, just an impeccable delivery of a script that works.  Unfailingly producing in me a delightfully warm and pleasant trance, this is a superb session and one of my favourite and most trusted inductions. Madeira’s voice is breathy, enchanting and sensual.  I discovered this session during Madeira’s brief flirtation with hypnosis a few years back and it still proves its quality with results.  I am as enchanted with this induction now as the first time I heard it.

‘Control Chip 1–Activation’ by Shelle Rivers  –  FemDomme Hypnosis.  I do not usually write about Shelle Rivers sessions because I cannot do so objectively; I am totally and utterly biased.  I could have chosen from a long list of Shelle’s recordings that I adore, but this one I wouldn’t ever want to be without. Originally, it caught me completely off-guard, overwhelming me emotionally, I feel deeply and totally to Her.  I had never expected a recording could affect me so, and still continue to do so.  Think of that love song you can never let go of, well this is mine.  Shelle Rivers is a wonderfully soft and sensual HypnoDomme with a library full of creative and effective recordings.  She is the reason for my obsession.

‘The Inception’ by Cathy Venus  –  Fantasy Hypnosis.  An hypnotic adventure adapting the concepts of the movie it was inspired by to create an absorbing and enjoyable experience.  The deepening is wonderfully worked into the narrative progression and the central theme of a ‘dream within a dream’ is admirably realized.  This is one of my favourite hypnotic adventures as it rouses my imagination.  I thoroughly enjoy the tension and excitement of the story and the score, and I am always surprised by the depth of the trance itself.  I find warmth under Cathy’s influence, and fun and entertainment throughout Her sessions.

 ‘Anesthesia’ by Diamond Diva Princess  –  FemDomme hypnosis.  There is no one quite like the Diamond Diva Princess.  Her sumptuous brainwashing recordings are a delectable experience, each one is an extravagance.  ‘Anesthesia’ was perhaps the first of Her recordings I experienced and instantly became totally enraptured with Her.  I was simply dazzled.  This session stirs strong emotions of submission and manipulation in me; it is financial domination at its most opulent.  If I had to make a case for hypnosis media as an art, ‘Anesthesia’ would be my prime exhibit.  I adore Diamond Diva for many reasons, but most especially for the magnificence of ‘Anesthesia’.

‘Lux et Veritas’ by Mira Stern  –  FemDomme Hypnosis.  When I think of Mira Stern recordings, I think of intelligent, often profound scripting.  I think poetry, I think stimulation, and I think inspiration.  I think ‘Lux et Veritas’.  A relaxation session that takes me progressively deeper throughout, providing a wonderfully vivid sense of journey, and an ending that literally takes my breath away.  A script as astute as it is poetic, and a tempo superbly crafted.  Mira’s recordings excite me because She above all others engages my mind and imagination during a trance.  Her use of language and idiom is remarkable, there is often a substance and texture in and between Her every word.  A Mira recording was a certainty, the only question was which.

‘Nikki’s Chair’ by Nikki Fatale  –  Erotic Hypnosis.  Oh the sumptuous purr of Nikki Fatale!  The most distinctive, richly seductive, lascivious, and salacious voice in all erotic media.  It was ‘Nikki’s Chair’ that first taught me that a seductive vocal, much like the scent of nylon or the touch of silk, can be every bit as erotic as any visual stimulation.  There is nothing suggestive here, no hint at the erotic, no whispers of the sexual, just an upfront, raunchy, voluptuous, sexual seduction.  This is Viagra for the mind.   An unashamedly erotic, Femdomme hypnosis session.  From the first word till the last, the whole session is sexually charged, the trance is ravishing, the script… scandalously stimulating.

n.b. – I decided to restrict the list to available recordings otherwise my custom sessions by Tessa Fields would defiantly have featured, as would my first ever trance recording by Mistress Marisa, which sadly seems no longer to be available.  Also allowing myself only one recording from each individual artist caused many an anguished decision.   Perhaps on another day, in another season, this list might look very different; but on this day, I am very satisfied.


Links: ‘Bliss Boost’, ‘Rising Fall’, ‘Control Chip 1–Activation’, ‘The Inception’, ‘Anesthesia’, ‘Lux et Veritas’, ‘Nikki’s Chair’, Madeira Darling can be found at clip4sale (store 37807).